General Information

General Information

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With over 15 years in the industry, Caeser Zandberg designs and operates all tours and safaris. Caesar is a born-and-bred Namibian and he is an expert on the Kaokoland and Himbaland areas with their wild trails, hidden valleys and singular beauty.

With Kunene Tours and Safaris, you will go to the most remote and spectacular regions of Namibia. Your safari may take you far from roads, fences and people, but luxury will always be at hand. All of our tours and safaris are led by fully trained and licensed guides who are experienced and passionate in their fields of expertise.

The links on this page will give you some tips on how best to enjoy your visit to Namibia. An overview of the many attractions the country has to offer, what your safari includes, the weather you can expect and some tips on what to take.

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